Krissa Loretto

Krissa Loretto
  • Class of 2013
  • Hometown: Toms River, NJ
  • Major(s): English / Minor: History
  • Archived Blogger

About Krissa Loretto

Hi! My name is Krissa and this is my very own blog at the College of William & Mary. I started this blogging endeavor during the spring of my freshman year in an effort to share some of my favorite experiences with potential members of the Tribe, as well as keep my family and friends updated on my life. I came to William & Mary as a Kinesiology major and ran through several potential major/minor combinations (including ‘Undecided with a minor in confused’), but chose to major in my first love – English, and minor in History. When I was not hanging out with good old Earl Gregg Swem, I voided my free time by writing for the Virginia Informer, running around campus and attempting to lift weights at the Rec Center.

I used to run for the varsity cross country and track teams, but due to consistent illnesses and injuries, started training under a private coach from home instead and joined the Colonial Road Runners club in Williamsburg. To be honest, I came to William and Mary for the appeal of its academic prestige and strong athletic programs, but I found that the College was so much more than that. William & Mary is a community of incredible people and although I felt like “the little fish in my big pond” when I first arrived, I can say that I loved being surrounded by such well-rounded, intelligent students. For once in my life, I can also say that I loved my classes. My professors were completely devoted to imparting knowledge as well as a love for academia to their students, and this is what makes William & Mary such a refreshing university. The work was rigorous, but I looked forward to the reward of heading back through the Wren Building, knowing I worked arduously for four years to earn my diploma.

Posts by Krissa Loretto

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