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Solar Accessibility for Low- to Moderate-Income Communities

By Emma Rebour ’21 The Environmental Science & Policy major at William & Mary is characterized by its intersectional nature. Throughout my time at

We are the Schuyler Sisters

This summer, four brave undergraduates and one faculty advisor are dedicated to both geologic research and honoring the sensational Broadway musical Hamilton. You may

Sustainability & Business: Adopting Sustainable Procurement Practices at William & Mary

By Justin Maynard ’23 This semester I was a Sustainability Ambassador with the Office of Sustainability. I was driven to become a Sustainability Ambassador

“We Were Able to Dream Big” — Reflections on the Fifth Annual WMGIC

By Kiran Rachamallu ’23, WMGIC V External Relations Director For 24 hours from March 19-20, 2021, 120 students across 15 universities participated in the

Slip Slidin’ Away: Veins & Faults in Virginia Soapstone

by Jerry Hu ’21 Earlier this academic year, my friend Gabe Mojica ’21 wrote about his research on soapstone bodies near Schuyler, Virginia. Gabe’s

Six International Security Challenges, Six Solutions: 2021 PIPS Symposium

Fellows at GRI’s Project on International Peace and Security (PIPS) participated in two virtual symposiums this year — first to the campus community on

From Aspiring Mermaid to EcoAmbassador

By Sophia Chirico ’22 Children are the future. A few years ago, I would have said that meant me. Sometimes I still think of myself

A Mass Movement in the Blue Ridge

By Chuck Bailey Mid-day on Sunday (May 2nd, 2021), I crossed the Blue Ridge Mountains along U.S. Route 250. As I traveled up the

How We Find and Fight Disinformation (From the Comfort of Our Dorms)

By Megan Hogan ’21 and Thomas Plant ’22 This blog post details an example of funding from GRI’s student innovation window. Learn more about