Epitome of Twamp

Greetings, yet again, from my favorite spot in good old Swem. This entry is serving as a follow-up to my last post—the one where I was in the midst of my two weeks of hell, struggling to keep my sanity. I said I was looking forward to being a real person again but that plan got seriously interrupted by the sinus infection/bronchitis-type-thing that decided to inhabit my body starting last Monday. Needless to say, I attended approximately half my classes last week and spent countless hours watching House Hunters International. As someone who sleeps approximately 8-10 hours a night when I’m feeling perfectly well, I basically turn into a sleep machine when I’m sick.

I spent the latter part of last week preparing for a cross country race at the University of Virginia (check out Tribe Athletics if you want the full story!), where I ended up running one of my best times in a long while, so the extra rest must have paid off. Following Friday’s competition, my weekend was low-key. I cleaned my tiny little room (which I had totally neglected during the crazy paper-writing week and the sick time that followed) and caught up on homework… sort of. I also booked my train home for Thanksgiving (!!!) and spent far too much time on Food Gawker, my newest black hole for procrastinating. Seeing as it is championship season for cross country and there are only two weeks of class left until Thanksgiving Break, I think my hopes and dreams of becoming a real, dare I say ‘social’, person again might have to hold off. For now, I’m going to continue to capitalize on sleep via my daily two-hour nap and cuddle up with the George Eliot novel that I should have started reading yesterday. I have turned into such a twamp.

Keep up the hard work, Tribe! 2 weeks ’til Turkey Day break =)

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