Midterm Efforts and Spring Break Rewards

Hello! It’s been a while! Happy second semester to everyone here and congratulations on getting this far! We are over halfway through the semester and the weather as of late has been lovely! What a reward for our diligent midterm efforts! This semester is the most challenging one that I have faced yet, but I feel as though I am rising to the challenge and getting a lot out of my heavy course load. While the General Education Requirements at William and Mary make you a well-rounded student, they force you to take classes outside your comfort zone and thankfully I have just about finished all of mine. I am now delving deeper into the English major and loving my classes.

I hope that everyone had a rejuvenating spring break and is prepared to rock out the rest of the semester (academically speaking, obviously). I spent my break split between home and Boca Raton, Florida. I went home to New Jersey for the first 5 days of break, caught up on sleep, good food and cuddling with my dogs. Then I was fortunate enough to fly to Florida and watch my boyfriend’s college baseball tournament (and study for a midterm poolside) for the second 5 days. My break was the perfect mix of home comforts and time spent in the sun. Speaking of sun, I also wrote an article about the benefits of Vitamin D for the VA Informer, William and Mary’s independent newspaper, during spring break. I must admit that this blog has suffered from my joining the Informer staff, on account of stretching my time even thinner, but I promise to update more faithfully. I’ll be taking at least one term of summer classes here in the Burg so I’m sure I’ll have much to write about in the upcoming weeks and months! Good catching up with you!

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