Alive and Writing

Greetings from the second floor of Swem! I’m in my favorite two comfy chairs (yes, I connected them front to front to create my own personal couch—don’t judge) mentally preparing myself to write the last of three eight page papers all due this week. That being said, the last two weeks have definitely rocked my brain. The immediate jump from midterms to super-focused-paper-writing mode was really overwhelming, but I’m surviving. As we all can attest to, the workload at William & Mary can be scarily intense, but for the most part, it is manageable. I budgeted my time, giving each paper 3-4 days and this is the last of the madness! I have never written this many pages in such a short time span, but when this is all over, I will proudly be able to say that I came, I wrote, and I conquered. Definitely looking forward to being a real person again—resuming lunch dates, getting back into a normal sleep cycle and not binging on caffeine and candy. But for now, it’s back to the grind for one (or two, hopefully not three) nights of research and churning out roughly 2,000 words (and then cooling off my brain with an episode or two of Extreme Couponing). What a wild life I live.

With persistence,


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