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Mining For Ideas – Reflections on WMGIC VIII

By: Elisabeth Nielsen ’27 and Dorothy Gao ’24 In April, 20+ teams with over 85 participants from 5 countries participated in the eighth annual

Let’s Date Rocks! A Geochronological Journey from the Outcrop to a Numeric Age 

By Nailah Johnson ’24 Last summer I worked with a team of William & Mary undergraduate students to study the geology of central Virginia. In particular,

Researcher Profile: Geology Professor Dom Ciruzzi studies interactions between trees and the water cycle

Dom Ciruzzi has spent a lot of time watching trees move. More accurately, he’s spent a lot of time measuring tree “sway”: tiny sideways

Can You Dig It? The Return of the Geologist

By Morgan Sanders ’22 In 2007, I made my first trip to Highland as a curious six-year-old. Now 15 years later, I have returned

B to the 7TH (B7): A summer of research in the Blue Ridge

By Chuck Bailey It’s summertime and the Geology department is a happening place as our research efforts are in full swing. We’ve got a

At the Cornerstone of Policy and Tech: How DisinfoLab Analyzes AI

This is the third installment of a series highlighting exceptional student contributions to the Global Research Institute. Stay tuned for other features throughout April: Undergraduate

Nine Down, Seven Across for Planetary Geology

Meara Carlin ’23 There is an interesting grey area when dealing with planetary geology. The first thing someone usually thinks of when geology is

Applying MATSim to Study Movement Across Campus: Steps and Takeaways

By Alex Raposo ’22 As a GRI Summer Fellow, Alex Raposo worked with Frank Qiu and Luca Paravano under the instruction of Data Science

The Schuyler Sisters Field Adventures: A Top 10 List

You’ve heard of David Letterman’s Top 10 lists, or actually maybe you Gen Zers haven’t, but we’re sure you can pick up on the