Love, Luck and Chocolate Chips

Two weeks ago, I started writing a post called “the calm before the storm” about the lull in work before the finals period… but the take-home statistics quiz that I forgot to start over Thanksgiving break got in the way. That being said, Greetings from the 3rd floor of Swem (This is where I think I’m supposed to say “We’re people, too!”). It is eerily quiet up here, but I am plugged into the new T-Swift CD and instead of trucking on and continuing to study for my next 3 final exams, I have decided to take a quick (?) break.

This morning I had the first of four finals, Intro to American Politics. After 55 multiple-choice questions and a written timeline spanning approximately 250 years, I am feeling kind of fried. Now that you know that, I have reason to say that this little blog break is well deserved. If you were studying before you happened upon this lovely little blog, I hope this can provide you with some comic relief. If it doesn’t and one of the following occurs- 1.) Your vision is starting to blur. 2.) It is past 2 AM. 3.) You find yourself reading the same page of text over and over and absorb next to nothing. 4.) You forgot a pillow and a blanket- You might want to call it a night, pack up your belongings and leave wherever you are hiding for the trek home. Besides, staying up all night studying is counterproductive!

As I was zombie walking out of Swem the other night, I stumbled upon a table of people selling baked goods (a sub 30-degree bake sale?…) and thought about how much I cannot wait to go home and eat Christmas cookies, not frozen cookies from outside the library!) What I am looking forward to most when I go home for break is a tradition that started three years ago when my sister was in college and I was a junior in high school. I like to call it “The Annual Loretto Sister Rock-Star Christmas-Cookie-Baking / Picture-Taking Extravaganza”.

Me & the mixer. 2007, 2008 and 2009

It all started when I had a bit of a… err… weirdo moment… and decided that I would pretend that the mixer had gone out of control as we decided to bake cookies. Each year I have kept the same basic pose and have tried to make my rendition a little more crazy. Kira prefers to change her picture up a bit each year.

Sorry if this embarrasses you, Kira!

I am well aware that this tradition is kind of bizarre and weird, but as long as there are ingredients to bake with and someone has a camera, this will definitely live on. When we are together, Kira and I tend to be kind of ridiculous, but it is this ridiculousness that I am looking forward to most when I go home. I won’t lie to you- right now I am stressing about my upcoming exams- but thinking about being with my best friend, letting loose, making cookies (and crazy poses) is one of many lights at the end of the tunnel that is Final Exams. Looking forward to uploading some wild new mixer pics during Winter Break!

Love, luck and chocolate chips!


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