Pumpkin Lattes… and Other Reasons I Love Autumn In Williamsburg

Hey guys!

After taking a brief spring semester hiatus from the Burg due to some personal reasons, I’m back at William & Mary (and I’m so happy that I did!). Today is September 16th and the feeling of fall is in the air. I stepped out of my dorm today and noticed an unfamiliar crisp breeze on my walk to class– which I couldn’t be happier about. I’m hoping that we have seen the last of the 90-degree /90 % humidity days and that my hair finally gets some relief from the frizz that is August and September in Virginia. And although I can almost feel the cold air sucking the tan right out of my beach-girl skin (RIP summer), upcoming fall adventures in Williamsburg seem to outweigh the fact that I am turning back into Casper with every passing minute.

In addition to the seasonal variety of pumpkin products that are now widely available (pumpkin latte, pumpkin bagel, pumpkin muffin, anyone?), fall is a great time of year to be on campus for many reasons. It is this time of the school year that the gears in our brains start turning again and we get used to the grind of our schedules. Parents weekend, fall break, homecoming AND Halloween are all right around the corner. Plus, we don’t sweat through our shirts walking from Morton to Blair anymore. The trees in CW are breathtaking when the leaves change colors and fall gives us a reason to order hot cider (like we really needed one!). Taking the Jamestown ferry and driving to Surry, VA to pick pumpkins is a yearly tradition amongst my friends here and I look forward to getting lost in the corn maze at College Run Farms just like last year. These are just a few things that I love about autumn in Williamsburg. Glad I’m back to enjoy them.

Tribe Love!

~ Krissa

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