Student-led Publications that Accept Creative Work: A Non-Exhaustive List

One of the main reasons I chose to go to William & Mary over other universities was because of their literary magazines. W&M is

Clear as Mud: W&M geologists use Lake Matoaka sediment to refine charcoal classification system

A group of William & Mary researchers from the Department of Geology and the Environment & Sustainability program have found that microscopic charcoal pieces

Choosing the “Right” Extracurriculars as a Freshman: Questions to Ask Yourself

When it comes to getting involved in extracurricular organizations, there are two types of freshman: those who signed up for twenty clubs at the

Let’s Date Rocks! A Geochronological Journey from the Outcrop to a Numeric Age 

By Nailah Johnson ’24 Last summer I worked with a team of William & Mary undergraduate students to study the geology of central Virginia. In particular,

William & Mary Returns to Oman

In January 2020, I co-led the William & Mary study abroad program to Oman (commonly known as Rock Music Oman). As we returned home

Meet the Transfer Interns: Alex Chong

Hello, future transfer students! My name is Alex Chong! This year, I have the honor to work with an amazing group of people as

Aligning Research with Global Issues: How DisinfoLab Evolves with Pressing Challenges

By Adriana Shi ’24 What began as an idea from DisinfoLab analysts transformed into four published articles on Diplomatic Courier. These pieces highlight the researchers’ report about how different factors in

My Experience Working at a Fintech Venture Launcher for Climate Resilience

The Global Research Institute’s Summer Fellows Program provides international experiential learning opportunities to W&M students. This post is one installment of a series highlighting the

Researcher Profile: Geology Professor Dom Ciruzzi studies interactions between trees and the water cycle

Dom Ciruzzi has spent a lot of time watching trees move. More accurately, he’s spent a lot of time measuring tree “sway”: tiny sideways