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Marques Harris
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About Marques Harris

Well … aside from being an intern in the Admission Office, I like to think that there is more than meets the eye. I’ll give you a glimpse.

To begin with, I am absolutely in love with the beach, any beach really. I was born on the West Coast (California baby!) and I’ve always wanted to go back. I’ve lived all over the place because my father was in the Air Force for much of my childhood. I’ve lived in places from New Mexico to Georgia (ATL). I have a younger sister who attended Spelman in Georgia. An interesting fact about us would be not only are we unfortunate enough to share the same birthday, but it is also 9/11.

I am in love with sports. I grew up playing a myriad of sports including soccer, baseball, football, basketball, hockey and even tennis at one point. My real passions growing up were hockey and football, but injuries were the biggest obstacles to me pursuing my professional careers (haha yeah right).

One thing about me that most people should probably know, would be about my accident prone nature. I don’t think I went a year in college without breaking a bone. I fractured my cheekbone, had a concussion, broke my ankle, tore a fragment of my shin, broke multiple fingers and had entirely too many hospital visits. In most cases I ended up in the wrong place in the wrong time… but I guess that’s life.

I like to think I have a great sense of humor and I love to make people laugh or smile. I enjoy inserting sarcastic commentary in conversations and in general I tend to be kind of random. I’m also very competitive and hate to lose … (at anything!!!!!) I’m always up for a challenge and I’ll more than likely try to win at everything from video games, to street racing, to who can eat the most [Insert Food Here].

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