Pump Up Music

So myself and the rest of the interns had come to a conclusion one morning at about 8:15. The aptly named “dungeon” was far too serene, and we needed to get things jumping a little. There was a tension and energy which needed to be released by filling the air with the melodious sound of music. The only problem was… what should we play first?

Just about all the interns have some form or another of playing music. Some have MP3 players, some listen/watch the music videos on youtube, some use pandora (internet radio), and still some others have it already downloaded on iTunes.

For as many diverse platforms that we have to store or play our music, what is even more interesting would be our musical tastes themselves. I myself have an eclectic range of musical interests which hits many of the major genres. I can definitely say the interests of the other interns can definitely reflect a myriad of tastes and preferences. One fond memory I have would be when Kelley and I bursted into song while reciting some of the lyrics to one of Kanye West’s hits on College Dropout. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see me rocking out with Katie to one of Maroon 5’s many songs on their latest CD’s. It might surprise some to discover who the phone belonged to that was playing the ringtone by Tupac feat. Elton John called Ghetto Gospel; Sam. It should also be noted that Greg has been known to sing Chris Brown’s latest jams in addition to turning up the volume for 80’s work out music. Carrie has let it be known that one of her favorite songs is “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock. Tom, who is a part of UCAB (he can tell you all about it on his page), has a very unique addition to all of our tastes. In many cases he’ll throw out a name of someone I have never heard of but sounds pretty good. We definitely know all about some Girlicious now.

Anyway…. I can’t actually remember what we settled on that morning. What anybody reading this should take from it is that we all come from different backgrounds and interests. We’re more than happy to share them and indulge in them during our workday, and during our lives as students here.

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