Some of My in-class Experiences

I’ve gotten to take more than my share of interesting classes while I have been at the College. This semester I had the luck of getting into Yoga. I must admit my ignorance on the subject. Without a doubt, I am completely and utterly inept when it comes to yoga. For some odd reason though, it was still enticing. Hopefully it will be a great experience.

A class that I was really excited to take when I first transferred to the College was Modern Dance. Thats right people, I took Modern Dance. I personally think this is a bit of a misnomer, but I will leave that discussion for another day. I will say that I signed up under some false pretenses. I thought that when I was done, I would be able to dance like Usher. I could picture myself moon-walking and matrix-ing between classes. Unfortunately for me, this class was completely different than anything I had previously thought. Many of us re-lived our childhoods as we were taught the “correct” methods of doings things such as skipping, prancing, and galloping. It was quite the spectacle, but people seemed to have a lot of fun.

The GERs (General Education Requirements) provide opportunities for students to broaden their horizons. I took Modern Dance to fulfill one of my requirements. I have also taken other classes which were quite interesting. I took Geology which I dreaded at first. Professor Lockwood was incredibly contagious with her fervor and passion. To be honest, I thought it would be peculiar that a person could be enamored with rocks. As the semester unfolded I began to understand the different natural occurrences that I used to take for granted.

My undergraduate career is coming to a close (only 4 more months MOM!!!!) and I am already beginning to miss everything that this College has to offer academically. I have been pulled in many different directions with subjects that piqued my interest and curiosity. I have enjoyed taking classes that don’t really have much to do with Government and Philosophy. My final semester is no different as I am once again branching out. I am also taking Sociology of Sports (today we had a discussion about why Bull-Fighting was or was not a sport), Medicine and Ethics, and as you already know : Yoga. I love that this school affords me with a plethora/myriad of things to choose from in my academic career. My life is anything but mundane as I try to balance (literally in some cases) learning new positions, the Hippocratic Oath, and theories of play vs spectacle vs sport. Its shaping up to be an incredible semester

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