fun at work

As you can probably guess, I’m a fun loving individual who sometimes can get a little mischievous. I love to cause people slight inconveniences at my various work places (either at Bonefish Grill or in the Office of Admission). I have a few stories to highlight my love of keeping things lively at work:

-One time I brought a trick pen to work and let my co-workers and guests use it. It shocked whoever clicked it when they attempted to write with it.

-I once talked a new co-worker into sorting through the m&m’s to find all the W’s. The next step in the plan is to have her empty out all the hot water from the coffee machine (its unlimited) or to find bring us a pot of steam.

-I snuck up behind Kelley when she was innocently working on prospect cards in her serene, docile, cubicle. Then all hell broke loose as I started banging on a trash can to startle her.

-Since I’ve worked in a few restaurants, I have also been known to exaggerate with my customers about what sort of ingredients they might find in their food. My favorite one so far has been to tell them that their food contains dolphin… but only the ones that have been unfortunate enough to get caught in the tuna nets.

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