Favorite Spot on Campus

My favorite spot here on campus (that isn’t in the rec center) would be in the Tyler Garden. It is home to a few statues which are dedicated to some of the more prominent members of the Tyler family. As some of you might know, John Tyler, someone who attended the College of W&M, was a former President of the United States.

The more interesting part about this point on campus would be the echoing point which is in the garden. The statues form the outskirts of a sort of semi-circle. Within the circle, one can stand and face toward a building (James Blair Hall) and speak. Nothing big is going to happen. When someone stands in the direct center of the circle, faces the wall, and speaks, they will actually hear their voice echo back to them. Only in this spot will this phenomena occur. Anywhere not on the exact center of the circle will not yield a result. So basically only the person speaking is going to be able to hear themself while bystanders who have not experienced this feat are bewildered. I’ve personally seen many people exchange looks of disbelief with those of incredulity when they finally understand the wonder of the Tyler Garden.

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