When I first transferred here, there was an event which fundamentally was significant of my entrance into the College. Of course this was during the first week of classes, so I was caught up in the frenzy of various things before this event. I didn’t even realize the importance of the event as when I got there I clearly was not dressed for the occasion. Everybody else was wearing shirt/tie or dresses. I came decked out in my formal attire. Formal for the weight room maybe. Sleeveless UnderArmour and some Nike basketball shorts with some slip on sandals. I got there, realized the mistake of my ways, and promptly began sprinting back to my dorm room to change.

I quickly put my shirt and tie on and then began a brisk jog back to the Wren building. After the guest speaker and President Nichol spoke, the entering class began filling through the Wren. Once we got up the stairs, everyone shook Gene’s hand and then proceeded through to the other side of the building. On the other side was waiting the rest of the campus community. They were cheering, screaming, and yelling for the entering class. It was an extremely passionate and inspiring event. I would liken it to a campus-wide party which was basically in my (or anyone in the entering class) honor.

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