Emily Fernandez

Emily Fernandez
  • Class of 2018
  • Hometown: Leesburg, VA
  • Major(s): English

About Emily Fernandez

About Emily Fernandez:

Hey everybody! My name is Emily Fernandez and I am a Senior from Leesburg, Virginia. I'm an English major and a Business minor. I can't wait for you to take a walk through campus, or trip over all the bricks, in my shoes!

On campus, I am involved with our television station WMTV (shoutout to Trendspotters!) as an Exec member, in Admissions as a Tribe Ambassador, and I'm a member of a social sorority. Some fun facts about me are that I have a twin sister, I love all cheeses, and I hate rollercoasters. I spend my free time cruising Netflix, reading, crafting, and listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat.

Posts by Emily Fernandez

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