Fore The Bold

Every year, for the past decade or more, the sisters of Kappa Delta host their spring philanthropy event, Campus Golf. From 8am to 5pm this past Saturday, groups of friends dressed up in crazy costumes and danced across the Sunken Garden, tee-ing off and being caddied personally by a KD sister. Students from every corner of campus came out to play. And that’s what makes Campus Golf not just a KD event, but a William & Mary event too: everyone plays!

There are teams of students from across all walks of life, whether they’re in Greek life or not. Campus truly comes alive on Campus Golf days with around 2,000 people participating, and the beautiful weather on Saturday ensured there were tons of people to enjoy it. Plenty of students look forward to the event every year, ready to plan their next greatest group costumes. Years past have seen Bachelor Contestants, dinosaurs, cartoon characters, mariachi bands, Devo, bags of tea, Shia LaBeouf, gnomes, and anything else under the sun united to take pictures on the Sunken Garden steps.

Courtesy of Kappa Delta

Courtesy of Kappa Delta

Alums come back to play or watch, and a wedding this weekend stopped to reminisce about their years playing the game as students. Curious families and tourists stop by for a quick glance, some even buy a t-shirt! The t-shirts are a symbol of the event’s success all on their own, as a student here you will most definitely see a few walking around everyday. This year’s theme, Fore the Bold, plays on W&M’s current $1 billion campaign For the Bold, which encourages students and alums to donate to our alma mater’s future. Campus Golf’s Fore the Bold encouraged donations too.

The event raises money for Kappa Delta’s philanthropies Prevent Child Abuse America and Avalon, the local women’s shelter in Williamsburg. Both are worthy causes and every year, thanks to the support and kindness of students, alums, and families (and Williamsburg businesses), Campus Golf raises up to $3o,000. Those donations really make a big difference to those institutions and it is thanks to William & Mary as a whole, as well as the hard work of KD, that that difference can be made. I am proud to be a part of Campus Golf and William & Mary, and proud of the difference we make together in our community.

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