Hype Squad

This past weekend was Day for Admitted Students and, as always, it is one of the busiest, most fun days of the year. I love DFAS because I can walk across campus, from the Kaplan all the way to the Sunky G’s and see thousands of people hanging out and sharing their love for William & Mary. If going to my own Admitted Students Day as a high school senior was a blast, it’s even better on the student side.

Every year so far I’ve volunteered for DFAS. I’ve been an Ask Me guide, walking around in a neon shirt to help people with directions; a Tribe chatter, sitting in the admission office to answer any and all questions; and a Registration tabler, checking families in for the day and handing out goodies to their admitted student. But this year, I was a member of the HYPE SQUAD. We danced in front of Kaplan, yelling, screaming, cheering for the students and families as they checked in. We made silly cheers playing on the Class of 2021, and at one point we just started singing the Alma Mater at people. It’s easy to cheer on W&M unabashedly while I had my squad with me.

The campus truly comes alive on DFAS and unites for one reason: We love W&M. And we want everyone else to love it too. The Activities Fair lets everyone show off what they’re involved in, and the free ice cream doesn’t hurt. The Info session and Mock classes show what life is really like on a college campus. But it is definitely the students coming out in full force to volunteer and share what they love that makes DFAS so special.

I hope everyone that came, saw, and conquered DFAS this year realized that it’s not the bells and whistles and free food which makes DFAS important. It’s important because it shows off what has allowed W&M to survive for the past 324 years. The students. Every admitted student has the chance to become one of those sustaining reasons behind the Alma Mater of the Nation. I’m so glad I’m one. I hope the Class of 2021 will be too.

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