And we continue marching on

This weekend I had the privilege of joining the thousands of people in Washington D.C. to March For Our Lives. I am grateful for the amazing experience, not only because I spoke out about a cause I care about, but also because I had the support of my friends and classmates from W&M.

No matter what cause or philanthropy or issue you care about, chances are someone else on campus will care too. Someone who won’t mind spending hours in the car or canvasing neighborhoods for days with you. Someone who will quickly care just as much about you, as they will about the cause.

I drove up to D.C. with three of my friends from W&M, we met up with another friend who graduated in December, and we saw so many Tribe members in the crowd and later on social media, posing for a pic just blocks away from us. We are lucky to be part of a community that truly cares about our world and our place in it. We fight for what’s right and we support each other and what we’re passionate about.

There are always going to be things we can make better in our own community and school, as well as in our country and on our planet, but progress will be made by us, for us. Whether or not you are into politics or agree with them, know that if you ever need someone to join your march, make signs with you, debate the logistics and details, or just have your back, our Tribe will be there for you. We are a student body that cares and if you give us the opportunity, we will show you just how we can help carry you through anything.

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