What’s lifeatwm like?

You may be wondering, what is life at W&M like?

Look no further than the Instagram account: @lifeatwm!

The Tribe is full of tech savvy, super cool people doing amazing things and this social media account gives you a personal look into the daily lives of our students. Each week someone new hosts the account. They give insight and advice for everyone, whether you’re a perspective student or parent, current student, or alumni. W&M students are excited to show off and share their passions. You’ll see posts about sports clubs and theater performances to field trips and research projects.

And it just so happens that this week I am hosting the @lifeatwm account! I look forward to seeing the new content of the account every week, so it was so much fun to be able to put my own perspective out there. I wanted to squish everything I could into my posts but it has been difficult to put into words the happy & sad emotions of my post-grad summer. It felt surreal to jump back into my time on campus, from my first tour and Convocation to graduation just a month ago.

Interactivity like this puts everyone on a walk down memory lane. It’s amazing to see the connectedness of Tribe members across time and distance.  As you consider W&M, consider your future beyond W&M too. If you can see yourself in these posts, in those words, then the Tribe is the right place for you.

Happy Insta-browsing!

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