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Carrie Daut
  • Class of 2009
  • Hometown: Louisville, KY
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I’m Carrie, and I was a senior (ahhh!!!) in the spring of 2009 at William & Mary. When I wasn’t blogging, on campus I was an Economics Major and History Minor, I taught Group Fitness classes at our Rec Center (Boxilates, anyone??), I was Co-Editor-in-Chief of W&M’s campus newsmagazine, The DoG Street Journal, I was a Tour Guide for the Admission Office, and I overdosed on enthusiasm for five days every August when I worked at Freshman Orientation.

I spent quite possibly the most incredible four months of my life studying abroad in Athens, Greece, and I will be the first to admit that I’ll talk your ear off about the experience if you ask me about it.

I love making lists, I changed my mind nearly every day about my post-college plans, and I’m really bad at picking a “favorite” anything, so you’ll find none of that here.

I, however, really really like cookie dough, 10 Things I Hate About You, γυροs and τζατζικι (compliments of that delicious Greek cuisine), maps and travel books, dancing, and road trips to the lake.

I’m from Louisville, Kentucky, and I loved the solo drives along I-64 between home and the College.

Posts by Carrie Daut

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