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I’m leaving in about 15 mintues to go to what is known as Senior Candlelight. Every year on the Saturday night before William and Mary’s graduation, all the seniors gather in caps and gowns in the Wren Yard. From what I hear, it’s an emotional final reflection of this crazy ride we’ve called college.

So I wanted to fit in one last — last — blog, because I realized that as my time here is about to abruptly end, I’ve never really told you how I got here.

When August of my senior year of high school rolled around, my dad was yelling at me to get more “on-the-ball” about college visits, so to appease him, I opened the nearest college recruitment envelope piling up my kitchen table and read it.

It was from some college in Williamsburg, Virginia that I’d never heard about.

To this day, I remember that the letter talked about this school that was a place of contrasts — where past meets present, groundbreaking academic research meets late nights at the delis and stargazing on the Sunken Gardens, and talented, quirky, crazy, curious people from all around the country and the globe meet each other to teach and be taught.

“Let’s visit, ” I said.

We drove the 10 hours to Williamsburg and took a campus tour. It was the first college I had seriously looked at, and it would be the last. I got back in the car that day and told my dad I was applying to William and Mary Early Decision, and I wasn’t going to as much as Google another school.

So I mailed my application, crossed my fingers, and never looked back.

People told me I was insane.


…it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

You only need to spend half a second reading any of my blogs to know that my love for this place and the extent to which it has changed my life is incredible.

Congrats, 2009. And thanks for an unforgettable ride.
P.S. Sorry this was sappy. 🙂

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