Same School, New Tour

As part of our job in the Admission Office this summer, Tom,  Sam and I were commissioned to become…the Programming Project Team! Our task: redesign Day for Admitted Students.

Every spring, William and Mary invites high schoolers from across the country who have already received the “YOU’VE BEEN ACCEPTED!” envelope to visit our campus and decide that THIS is the school they want to attend. And this year, we decided to do something different.

As we threw out ideas and tried to figure out what high school seniors want to see and need to see when they visit, one question that came up was, “Why do we show admitted students the exact same tour we show prospective students?”

And…voila! Just for you, we have a brand new tour that will only be offered at this spring’s Days for Admitted Students. See the parts of campus that we don’t have time to show you on our normal tours: the Rec, Yates freshman dorm (the dorm where Jon Stewart lived his freshman year!), the Caf and the Language Houses…just to name a few.

For a full list of what else you’ll get to see and hear on a Day for Admitted Students, visit the official website. We’re offering several Admitted Students days this year– not just one — so if you live anywhere close by, try to make the trip to Williamsburg!

And enjoy the new tour!

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