Finally! Zip Line Over Lake Matoaka!

Today was awesome.

It was the long-awaited day when my Adventure Games class got to zip line across Lake Matoaka.



At 1:40 p.m. I rushed down to the amphitheatre by the lake so that I could make sure I wasn’t a minute late. As half of the class took canoes over to the “catching” side of the lake, the rest of us hurried to put on our harnesses and gear. We then took turns belaying for each other as we climbed a tree (first with a ladder, but then with no ladder!) up to the jumping platform.

ziplineOur teacher helped us make sure we were strapped to the zip line correctly, and then one at a time we JUMPED to zoom down the zip line and across the lake! You could choose to hold on to your rope, bravely go no-hands or hang upside-down, and then when you reached the other side of the lake, the team there caught you and helped you unhook yourself from the wire.

It was a BLAST, and I will admit that this blog is a pathetic attempt to do it justice. I was too busy flying across the lake to snap any good pictures either, but Beth and I did manage to pose for a shot with the platform when class was (sadly) over.

Goal: Take the zip line across Lake Matoaka before I graduate: CHECK!

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