The 4-Year Roommate Luncheon

I’ve already told you about the fantabulous relationship I have with my roommate, so I won’t repeat all that again. But, I will take a few minutes to tell you about today’s 4-year roommate luncheon we attended!

At William and Mary, if you live with the same roommate all 4 years, then during your last few weeks of senior year, you are invited to attend a special 4-year roommate luncheon with the President of the College. So today we got all dressed up and enjoyed a delicious lunch in the Great Hall of the Wren Building, joined by President Reveley himself.

There were probably 40-50 people there (so 20-25 roomie pairs), and President Reveley raved about how that was such an incredibly high number. (Apparently, there were only about one dining table’s worth of 4-year roommates at last year’s luncheon. Lame, class of 2008.) President Reveley asked how many of us knew each other from high school before becoming roommates, and probably only about 6 hands went up in the air. I couldn’t believe that the majority of us had been randomly matched together the summer before we started college! It was also really crazy to notice that about 8-10 of us all came from our freshman dorm, Monroe Hall. Way to go, Monroe.

So, lunch was fun, but also scary because we realized this is the start of all the sappy, make-you-want-to-cry events that this last month until graduation will be filled with. Ugh, I am not ready for all this to be over.

Alright, I’m off to a potluck with friends (I made Greek yogurt dip — τζατζικι!), so I’ll wrap up now!

My roommate, Hannah, is sitting in the room on our futon (Finishing up her thesis! YAY!) while I’m writing this, and since we were just joking about the luncheon, I’ll add this last part in just for her:

“Pshew, we made it to senior year and the 4-year roommate luncheon. I can finally move out and away from you now.”

Just kidding. 😛

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