Pillow Talk

Growing up I had my own room starting when I was ten. Every night I would go quietly to sleep, unhindered by snores and the rustling of a roommate. I liked this.

Coming to the College meant that I no longer slept in a room by myself. Moving in with friends my sophomore year brought with it 70-decibel snores and regular rustling, but also something I really love: pillow talk. My roommates and I will let conversation steal our sleep as we stay up talking about everything and anything. Sometimes we’ll “go to bed” a couple hours early just so we can have more time to talk. These discussions have been some of the most defining moments I’ve had at the College. They’re a time to get real answers from real friends, a time to get called out when you’re in the wrong, a time to evaluate relationships. I can look back on many decisions I’ve made since coming to the College and can trace them back to pillow talk with my roommates. I love and cherish the talking, not so much the snoring.

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