Michael Vereb

Michael Vereb
  • Class of 2012
  • Hometown: Sterling, VA
  • Archived Blogger

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Young Life, Orientation Aide and Tribe Fellowship

Favorite Spot

My favorite spot on campus is in front of Chandler Hall. After a late night at Swem, I always enjoyed walking here on my way back to Barrett. The dorms enclose the area and make it feel personal and reminiscent of home. The way the lights illuminate the field remind me of how the campus might have looked like in its earlier days!

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William and Mary classes did not start until the 24th of August but my learning started five days earlier when new students came to

Tip Off!

This summer has been a learning one for me here at the Admission Office. I’ve gotten to glimpse inside the admissions process and see

Pillow Talk

Growing up I had my own room starting when I was ten. Every night I would go quietly to sleep, unhindered by snores and

Overcome with Nostalgia

A few weeks ago I was at my sister’s graduation and was hit by a freight-train of nostalgia. There I was, standing at another