First time for everything

Hey all,

I find that when doing something for the first time, I usually preface that it is my first time, so that people aren’t too critical, why should a blog be any different?

So before I begin, I will preface that this is my first blog ever.

I guess an introduction of who I am is in order… but who am I really?  Because that question is a very intellectually and philosophically deep one, I will stick with listing a few characteristics and facts about myself:

A senior at the College of William and Mary, a Linguistics major (after being practically ever other major here that the College), a NoVa-ite (a person from Northern Virginia, and yes, I did make that up), an avid animal lover especially dogs, and someone who values people above all else.  Also, I love coffee!!! Dunkin Donuts is by far the best thing that I have ever experienced in my life (okay slightly over-exaggerating), but much better than Starbucks for sure.

On campus I spend most of my time at the Daily Grind (a coffeehouse on campus), interacting with students (socializing), involved in the Orientation Program as well as doing an Internship at the Admissions Office this summer.

So pretty much that’s all I can think to talk about in terms of myself.  So now I guess I’ll just talk about what’s going on right now, the Internship.

The Internship just started last week, but I can already tell its going to be an amazing experience.  The people that I’m working with are amazing, fun, and really great to spend time with.  Williamsburg in the summer is totally different from the normal school year, but these ‘co-workers’ of mine are going to make this summer definitely memorable.  Pretty much the internship has consisted of giving tours, entering data on the computer, and answering phones.

One of the best quotes from this summer was when I commented on how we will leave this internship with phone skills too and a fellow intern, Ryan, responded with “Great, so when we graduate from here, we can be secretaries.”

This quote is only a prelude of what is to come this summer.

As I already stated, this was my first blog, so don’t be too harsh a critic.  I promise they “will all get better in time” (Leona Lewis reference).

Signing off,


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