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JB Myers
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  • Hometown: Gainesville, VA
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About JB Myers

Hey y’all,

My name is JB, and I am from Gainesville, Virginia; located in Northern Virginia. To those who think that Gainesville is not really NoVA-I got the 703 area code so I have hard evidence supporting my claim!

The name JB actually comes from a combination of my first and middle names, Jonathan Boyd. After coming to college as a freshman, and meeting what felt like hundreds of Jons, Rons, Moms, Dons, etc., I decided I wanted to be more unique so a change was necessary. I obviously couldn’t go by my middle name (“Hey Boyd” doesn’t sound too great for me), so the only thing to do was a combination-JB.

In terms of what all I did here at the College, I was a Linguistics major with no double major or minor. Sometimes, I felt like a minority due to not having a second part to my education; but honestly, I enjoyed getting a well-rounded education exploring a large array of classes that I took for no other reason than sheer enjoyment. Outside of academics, I was really only involved with Orientation and socializing with friends over many cups of coffee. I personally love our Orientation program, and it was one of my biggest passions in life. I have really enjoyed being able to experience Orientation every year! I was a Senior Interviewer for summer ’09 as well as a Tour Guide–both of which came to be incredible experiences for me.

My major hobbies on and around campus were socializing and drinking coffee. In my opinion there was never going to be another time in my life where I was surrounded by only my peers and friends 24/7–why waste this amazing opportunity! I was actively involved with various service opportunities on and around campus and one summer went on an international service trip to Qwa Qwa, South Africa where I helped with the construction of an orphanage for local children.

Well, I’m not sure what else I have to say … if you all have any questions, hopefully my blogs will answer them!

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