Smile You’re in Sea Isle.

There is a place I know that makes me smile,
That is building memories of a fun filled child.
Golden sand and an ocean of blue,
A perfect place for two twins I knew.

Fun filled days so much to do.
Never enough time for these wonderful two.
A walk on the promenade is such fun,
Especially at evening in the setting sun.

An ice cream and a candy bar,
A dizzily ride on a coaster car.
Ill always remember this place that makes me smile,
This strip of land that is called Sea Isle.
-courtesy of grandpa


This past weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world at one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. I went with some of my best friends from freshman year (shout out to my yatesmates) to the shore: aka Sea Isle City, NJ.

There are some key things that make a trip to the beach a complete success, besides the company of course.

  1. The weather: though you don’t have complete control over this aspect of your beach trip, be sure to make the best of it. This past weekend, it rained Saturday morning a bit, but we didn’t let this stop us! Instead, go in the water. Once your already soaked through it doesn’t matter if it’s pouring outside.
  2. The games: now don’t get me wrong, I am 21 years old and totally love doing nothing some days (as well as being a mature adult sometimes, though not usually), but the best days at the beach are the ones filled with ladder ball, bocce ball, and clam toss. This trip, we played for hours upon hours a range of activities from lacrosse to football and threw around a skip ball for at least four hours total (even if you can’t throw a spiral or have a bum arm, this is no excuse to not participate in beach games). I was literally sore the next day from all the ball playing!
  3. The supplies: the beach is great yes, but sunburn is not. So don’t be stupid. If you’re pale skinned and pasty, be sure to apply and re-apply sunscreen, bring a hat, and sunglasses (even if you swear you look bad in them) so you don’t end up looking like a lobster. In addition, always remember that if the breeze is coming from the bay be sure to put on bug spray because the green flies will be out and about.
  4. The grub: the last and probably most important part of a beach weekend is the food! I say go for the barbeque, you really can’t go wrong with hot dogs and hamburgers (unless of course you have invited a crazy vegetarian, in that case veggie burger?). Add in homemade potato salad, and your meal can’t really get much better.

So yes, here you go. This is my fail proof recipe to a great time at the shore. Just grab some friends, make sure you have a full tank of gas, and go soak up the sun.

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