Spring Break 09

Hello CyberReaders,

I returned to campus from Spring Break today, and I have just decided that writing a response paper can wait. It’s much more fun to blog about my break.

I’m actually not a big SPRING BREAK!! person. I’m busy enough and having enough fun at school, that I like using spring break as a time of rest. Each year, however, my dad and I take our annual father-daughter bonding adventure over the break. This was the first year we stayed on the East coast and headed up to Washington D.C. and Baltimore. My dad is a total academic and I love being able to play, so we always try to find activities that make us both happy, and I think we succeeded again this year.

Day one was all about the National Air and Space Museum. My dad is a former Coast Guard pilot, so going with him to A&S always gets me some inside scoop. We enjoyed the “How to Fly” exhibit because it’s full of hands on stuff but has plenty of science for my dad. The best, however, was the IMAX: The SUN 3d. Check out the two of us waiting to head in.


After a cloudy day at the zoo, we used our third day of vacation to head up to Baltimore (which Dad says residents pronounce Bal’mer). The city is so cool! We stayed just within the Inner, and there was so much to do. After checking out the visitor’s center and a tasty lunch, we took a tour of a Civil War ship and headed to the Baltimore Aquarium: AMAZING. After walking through all the exhibits (including the Australia area which is my favorite), Dad and I enjoyed a 4D movie (if you’ve never done a 4D movie I don’t want to ruin the surprise – you should definitely check it out!), and a dolphin show. We ended our trip with dinner and dessert in Little Italy. Here I am in front of aquarium after all the fun:


The rest of break was spent relaxing with my family at home, and now I’m back on campus ready to face midterms and whatever other adventures come up. I promise to be more Tribe-centric in my next entry, but I just wanted you to hear about the fun of my spring break.

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