Okay, so I put my shirt on backwards…

If that’s the worst that happens when the power goes out, I really don’t mind. While the power had been off all afternoon, it wasn’t til nightfall that the effects really set in.

For starters, the street was completely quiet, at least for a little while. The air was so still I could hear the train rumbling along its tracks downtown. Every house on the block was dark, neighborhood kids swinging lanterns around in their yard. Car headlights suddenly seemed to glare, abruptly interrupting the calm darkness. The cycle of generators began, one turning on every few hours, disrupting the evenings mystery.

No tv, no radio, no computer. Initially I argued I could still use my laptop, but deemed it unnecessary for the night. I just couldn’t bring myself to open the high tech rectangle and stare into a sterile white light. I much preferred the softness of my candle light. So yes, that means my initial copy of this was written with a pen and paper by the light of a flashlight and flickering candle, while enjoying the sweet smell of honeysuckle wafting through the window mixing with the cool melon candle.

As far as making dinner went,
1) I was so glad we have a gas stove; No pb&j sandwiches for us!
2) Thank goodness I printed those recipes the night before
3) At least it was light out until after dinner

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