Elizabeth Miller '11

Elizabeth Miller '11
  • Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
  • Major(s): Women's Studies / Minor: Sociology
  • Associate Director, Civic & Community Engagement

About Elizabeth Miller '11

I am one of the many faculty and staff for whom William & Mary is also our alma mater.

As an Associate Director in W&M’s Civic & Community Engagement I have primary responsibility for our civic leadership program, local community partnerships and our student-community funding. Woven through all of these efforts is my investment in students understanding their role in community, particularly the Williamsburg area.

During my undergraduate life at William & Mary I experienced adventure, friendship, scholarship, some definite moments of struggling, many moments of learning and a deep sense of empowerment. I graduated with a B.A. in Women's Studies, and later returned to William & Mary through an AmeriCorps VISTA program.

My undergraduate focus on gender and higher education (Check out my senior thesis on college marriage preparation classes.) has taken on a new focus in my professional life. I co-founded the W&M Women’s Mentoring program and continue to serve on the steering committee. I also co-instruct the Women in Leadership course offered through the Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies department.

My work is about active citizenship, but my commitment to community extends beyond my job, as I host dinner dialogues around my dining room table, foster kittens for the humane society, and support the local library by racking up overdue fines.

If you find your way to my blog posts you will find undergraduate memories and lessons learned; recaps of programs and adventures with Civic & Community Engagement; reflections on life as an alumna and staff member and my deep love and commitment to William & Mary.

Posts by Elizabeth Miller '11

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