A new year


I am back in Italy.  I planned to get here before the New Year, but due to the outlandish blizzard that pummeled the east coast of Virginia, and New York, I was unable to leave until Saturday.  We are about to travel to Cortina, which is, from what I can tell from Google images, a sweet ski resort in the Alps.  More of that to come.

Before arriving, I spent the majority of my break working, driving aimlessly, trudging through snow, reading, going to the gym, and desperately avoiding my wallet (a mysterious penchant for spending arises when I am relieved from school and on break).  And speaking of working, you would not believe who I saw shopping at my workplace: Ginger Ambler herself!  It was a delight to ring her up.

The holidays have been fun.  It is always warming to be around family and friends, not to mention appetizing food.

I cannot wait to be back within the realm of William and Mary; spring semester is my favorite, and I know this one will  be invigorating.  Nevertheless, break is still roughly seventeen more days, so I’m off to make the most of it!

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