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Three Veteran Tips (among other things)

It feels very ironic to be sitting on the train headed towards Williamsburg writing about my day-to-day life in DC. Then again, this is

Parents Weekend and Ted Cruz

This past weekend was Parents Weekend! My mom flew in on Thursday night, and we met for dinner after class. On Friday morning, I

Cupcakes, Tea, and Ghosts… Oh My!

It has certainly been an eventful two months here at the Colonial Williamsburg House. What with encounters with William Randolph’s ghost (or so we

Family Weekend and Fundraising

Another busy week has begun for Tribe Gymnastics-lots of midterms for everyone and four mornings in a row of morning cardio! Gotta love it!

Merging our real families with our Tribe families

This past weekend was Family Weekend here at the College.  As a junior, I still look forward to my parents arriving, showing them my

You know when you’re in DC when…

On fall break, or the lack thereof and my internship: Fall Break is upon us. Well sort of. I still plan on heading into

Family Weekend gone too soon…

Here we are approaching Fall break already and I have had barely any time to reflect on the great experiences of Family Weekend. My

Family Weekend Reception

Hello, William and Mary! We want to cordially invite you and your families to our home this weekend. The residents of the CW House