Cupcakes, Tea, and Ghosts… Oh My!

It has certainly been an eventful two months here at the Colonial Williamsburg House. What with encounters with William Randolph’s ghost (or so we think) and two successful shindigs, we officially consider ourselves members of the Historic Area. One of these days we will manage to invite the Marquis de Lafayette to tea… but until then, we’ll continue to enjoy our time watching the various colonial generals ride by our humble abode.

Here is a synopsis of our CW adventures thus far:

Family Weekend Open House

On Saturday, September 29, we hosted an open house for students and their families. Despite our off-the-beaten-path location, at least thirty people visited our house. Much of our time was spent answering questions about the history of the building and how we were given the opportunity to live here; however, the highlight of the event was watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with the family of a friend of one of our Spotswood buddies. We were watching the film on ABC Family before our first visitors arrived, and it inadvertently became a form of entertainment for our guests. Oompa Loompas, anyone?


Our guests watching Willy Wonka

Afternoon Tea

On Sunday, October 21, we hosted an afternoon tea for students. Although only two of our friends attended the event, we enjoyed our time drinking Earl Grey, eating scones, and – surprise, surprise – watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on ABC Family. Thanks to Maggie and Hannah for stopping by!


Lauren’s Halloween cupcakes for our Afternoon Tea

William Randolph? Is that you?

Each Friday night, we watch Ghost Adventures while eating cookies or pizza. While we thoroughly enjoy watching the crew scream at invisible beings, we never expected having supposed paranormal experiences of our own. First it was the clapping of horses’ hooves in the middle of the night. Then it was the chuckle right in the ear. Next it was the sigh, the groan, the television turning on by itself. Could these be signs of William Randolph’s presence? We can only speculate.

Until next time, stay safe and dry from the hurricane!

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