Merging our real families with our Tribe families

This past weekend was Family Weekend here at the College.  As a junior, I still look forward to my parents arriving, showing them my favorite spots on campus, and of course– being taken out to eat every meal for an entire weekend!

Family Weekend at William and Mary is special.  It is not just for freshmen, in fact it seems as though upper classmen appreciate seeing their families even more as they have rigorous course loads and anticipate relaxing family time.  The College offers tons of activities for families to participate in such as an a capella showcase, a walk through of President Reveley’s home, Greek open houses, philanthropic endeavors, sporting events, and the traditional home football game with alumni tailgates.  The weekend is not complete without a stroll down DoG Street, lunch at the Cheese Shop, and a trip to the Prime Outlets.

Three years into my college career, I have found that my favorite part of Family Weekend is the opportunity to meet the families of the people who have become my Tribe family.  From my roommate to my sorority sisters to my classmates, I love meeting the people who have helped to make them who they are today.  Casual run-ins or planned lunches, it is truly special to merge our real families with our Tribe families.  Family Weekend comes at a time when we have settled back into college life and it is always a good reminder of who we are, where we come from, and how we got to where we are today.

Caroline Kotila, Class of 2013

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