The Transfer Card

When you’re already in a routine studying at another four-year institution, deciding to transfer is a very personal decision that can take a lot of careful thought. I had a million questions that I knew wouldn’t be answered unless and until I got to William & Mary in the fall, and there was one that scared me the most. Would people judge me for being a transfer student?

They didn’t, and that was the greatest relief to me. I thought that since I didn’t spend my freshman year here I would be marked as clearly different, lacking the experiences, knowledge, and that seemingly intuitive W&M quality that everyone else had. Instead, most people are interested in what brought me here but generally forget that I haven’t always been a part of the Tribe. I found my place in the community right away.

While it seemed like it was going to be just another cycle of icebreakers and information sessions, Orientation was one of the things that really made me see that I was welcome here. Living on campus and getting involved with different activities lead me to some of my best friends that I know I’ll have for life. Taking part in traditions like Opening Convocation and the Yule Log ceremony are things I will remember forever. Starting over can seem intimidating, but once you’re here you will realize that it’s as easy as coming home.

The one thing I would have wanted to know before I got here is whether or not transferring would be worth the stress, and while I can’t give you that answer, I can say from my own experience that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

– Emily Wynn

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