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Finally, Welcome Home

Transferring to William & Mary was one of the scariest, most rewarding experiences of my life, and last week you just started the first

Finding a Home in Greek Life

My biggest fear when I transferred was that I wouldn’t make any friends. I heard so much from my William & Mary friends from

Debunking a Transfer Myth: Transfers Don’t Have Time to Change Their Mind

I have always known I wanted to be an English major, even when I had no idea where I wanted to go to college.

Meet the Transfer Interns – Emily!

My name is Emily and I’m currently a junior here at W&M! I am majoring in English, and minoring in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies.

Final Thoughts from Emily

At this time last year, I was finishing up my final exams at my last school and reality was starting to hit me that

Decisions, Decisions

Congratulations to the newly admitted transfer students! I remember how incredibly excited I was when I got my admissions decision just a year ago,

The Transfer Card

When you’re already in a routine studying at another four-year institution, deciding to transfer is a very personal decision that can take a lot

Springtime in Colonial Williamsburg

William & Mary in the winter is magical, from the frost-covered Crim Dell bridge to Grand Illumination in Colonial Williamsburg, where holiday lights make

The Waiting Period: How to Deal

The waiting period of a transfer student is a whole different monster than the waiting period of a high school senior. You have to