Gluten Free In Williamsburg

My initial instinct when blogging is to write grandiose posts that encompass all of student life and each possible student concern, wrapping each up nicely with the writing-equivalent of a slow camera fade set to inspirational music.  After several disparaging attempts, I’ve put epic on the shelf for more specific how-to’s and individual anecdotes from life in Williamsburg.  Hopefully this will give you an idea of everyday life at William & Mary.

Today’s blog focuses on a concept that is both close to home and completely foreign to me … dieting.  Specifically, living on a gluten free diet in Williamsburg.  Reason being, my girlfriend has Celiac disease and cannot process gluten, or any traces of gluten products.  At this point, I’m guessing you are either ecstatic that someone is blogging about a situation so similar to your own, to which I would also recommend, or you’re asking ‘what’s gluten?’ Gluten is basically a protein component that’s in everything you eat such as wheat, barley and rye.

For lent of this year I decided to try giving up gluten and all gluten-contaminated foods.  Needless to say, a gluten free (aka GF) diet, whether by choice or by force, is not an easy task and it can seem particularly difficult in a small town like Williamsburg.  There’s hope, though, because if I can do it so can you!  Below I’ve listed restaurants close to campus where students tend to eat out with a breakdown of what they offer that is (completely) gluten free.

  1. Our Dining Halls!
    • The W&M dining halls have a number of options in their buffet lines marked with red pen.
    • The Marketplace does a GF wrap at the wrap station!
  2. WAWA (this one is a seminal establishment for William & Mary Students and luckily there are a lot of GF options)
    • All UTZ and most Lays potato chips (for 99 cents!)
    • Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream
    • Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
    • Slurpees
    • Much, much more that I couldn’t even start to list here.
  3. Pita Pit
    • Lots of FroYo flavors, which are GF unless Wheat is marked on their label
  4. Chipotle
    • Everything!!!! (aside from the tortillas)
  5. Panera (ask for them to change their gloves)
    • Black Bean Soup
    • Chicken Caesar Salad
  6. Sweet Frog/Berry Body
    • Most FroYo and many toppings (same situation as Pita Pit)
  7. The Cheese Shop (a William & Mary favorite that luckily has GF options)
    • Gluten free bagels with Ham and chicken breast, as well as most cheeses
  8. Food For Thought
    • They have an extensive GF menu and prepare everything separately.
  9. Carrabba’s Italian
    • All Carrabba’s pasta can also be made GF!
  10. The Daily Grind
    • Our on-campus coffee shop has GF bread to make delicious sandwiches with and their owner, Scott, is also GF so he knows how to prepare everything.
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