Meet Transfer Intern Katianna

Katianna Tron intro picMy name is Katianna Tron and I am a Junior here at W&M. I transferred to William & Mary after my freshman year at a four year university back home in Southern California. The start of college was of course fun and exciting for me, but when I headed home for winter break, I knew that something was wrong with my college experience. When my parents first suggested I consider transferring, I was a little confused… could I really go through the entire application/acceptance process again? Well, when I stumbled across the W&M website, I figured that with a school that beautiful, it was worth a shot.

Although the idea of transferring seemed a bit daunting at first, each step of the way made me more confident I was making the right decision. The admission office was ready and willing to help answer any and all questions I had throughout the process (and as an out-of-state student, the questions were seemingly endless). The day I received my acceptance letter was one I will never forget; I was going to have another chance to experience college, in an entirely new way. I chose William & Mary for about a million reasons. Whether it was the beauty of a campus covered in trees and paved with rustic red brick, or the sense of welcome coming from staff and faculty that cared and students that were passionate, the challenging academic atmosphere, or the overwhelming sense of school pride, I cannot for certain say the one reason I chose W&M other than maybe this: it was the place for me.

Since coming here, I have become a firm believer in the idea that your college years are supposed to be some of the most formative, life-changing ones of your life, and I have undeniably found that here. I became an Orientation Aide just one year after going through Orientation here myself (see the pic above of me with the Griffin!). I found a sisterhood of sorority girls who love and support me, are philanthropically involved, and encourage me to pursue both academics and amazing experiences. I found a job on campus that has introduced me to even more people who are incredible and can make me laugh until I cry, and I have found clubs on campus that perfectly meld my passions and my future.  Transferring can seem a bit scary, and overwhelming at times, but when it can bring you to a place like W&M, it is more than worth it. I love William & Mary, and I know I have found the place for me.

– Katianna Tron

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