campus golf

Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning, dressing in outrageous clothes, and playing golf with tennis balls around campus. Welcome to Campus Golf at William and Mary. Created by one of the social sororities, Campus Golf affords all members of the campus community an opportunity to pay money to make fools of themselves. (Events sponsored by Greek Organizations are open-you don’t have to be Greek to participate-I’m not.) Just look at the picture-would you walk around campus with pink, yellow, green, and white plaid pants complete with tummy control? (yes, that was me) What other day besides Halloween do you have an excuse to dress up as Mario and Luigi with your freshman hall? Then comes nine back-breaking strokes into the wind while the tennis ball sits idle on the grass. After multiple attempts, including help from friends and swift kicks of the foot, the ball finally hits the bucket. Now on to hole number two. While students, faculty, and administrators (yes professors and the administration come out and join) lose their voices laughing and break their backs saving face during the nine-hole course, women and children taking refuge at a local battered women and children’s shelter receive thousands of dollars for daily necessities and novelities. Who knew outlandish twists on sports and clothing choices could create a perfect event of giving and service!

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