The library is deadly!

Giving tours in the summer is quite an interesting experience. All of the students are gone, so you won’t find students playing soccer or frisbee in the Sunken Gardens. Barrett Hall is probably hotter than Arizona. As soon as you walk in the heat hits you instantly. Usually people are super excited to see a dorm room, but I think they are more excited to go back outside where it’s cooler. Who would have known that Barrett Hall is hotter than the peak of summer in Williamsburg? Everyone knows that Williamsburg in the summer is close to unbearable. Luckily this summer we have had some pretty nice days with weather in the mid to upper 80s.

The library is deadly during the summer. You will be lucky to find two students in the library during the summer. I saw one of my friends yesterday and I almost jumped for joy. Usually when you walk in the library the first floor noise level is moderate to soft with people doing projects or socializing. During the summer I feel like I am screaming due to silence of the first floor. All of the computers are free, which never happens during the school year.  The group study rooms are dark and you can tell they haven’t been used in months. People normally try and get a group study room early because of the high demand, so seeing them unused is quite a sight.

The UC (Sadler Center) is also another place on campus where I am wondering WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE. I have seen about 20 different soccer camps roaming around campus. Middle and High school kids dominate this campus during the summer. Usually when you go through lodge one you have to fight to get through the crowd of people.  And don’t mention the Quiznos line! Oh, and did you know there are turtles in the Crim Dell? For some reason, they are the hottest attraction on tour now. Groups are fascinated by the turtles and want to stay there forever and observe the marine life that lives in the Crim Dell.

Although things are different during the summer, it has still been an enjoyable experience guiding people around.  W&M is definitely an interesting place to be hanging over the summer, heat and all!

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