Convocation and Coming Home

As a transfer student the apprehensions about fitting in on campus are very real. Being a junior and living off campus were two more boundaries that I felt were detrimental to making friends and feeling at home. Fortunately for me, making friends was not hard at all. Once I got involved in one group it just kept expanding and expanding to the point where I walk on campus and always see someone I know.

The first true time that I felt at home was convocation, a treasured William & Mary tradition where new students kick off their time at the university with a walk through the Wren building. During graduation, that same walk is made with your graduating class. Sitting with my transfer orientation group and listening to President Reveley speak about the great things William & Mary has to offer while looking out onto campus, about to walk through the Wren doors, was an amazing feeling. As we all lined up, we received pins with our graduating class and waited to see what the other side of those looming doors had to offer. When we finally made it through, we were standing inside the Wren building and could see the whole student body waiting to shower us with applause and high-fives.

During convocation I knew I made the right choice about attending William & Mary, and to this day I see that moment as a turning point in my attitude and excitement about feeling at home here.

-Grace Covello ’16

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