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Before and After Joining the Tribe

What should you do while you wait for your decision?! There are so many possibilities to help pass the time as you anxiously await

Convocation and Coming Home

As a transfer student the apprehensions about fitting in on campus are very real. Being a junior and living off campus were two more

Welcome Home!

Convocation is an awesome experience for new students after the first day of classes in the fall! As a new student you will gather

Debunking a Transfer Myth: There’s No Such Thing as Guaranteed Admission

One common belief about applying to college in general, even outside the transfer process, is that there’s no promise that you can get into

Meet the Transfer Interns – Grace!

Hello! My name is Grace and I am a senior here at W&M! I transferred in fall 2014 and I am majoring in psychology.

Beauty & Brains

Not only are our academics amazing but our campus is virtually flawless. The Williamsburg community is very unique from the academic buildings on campus

The Give & Take

Being a transfer student and not living on campus I was super worried about how to get involved. I tried out for the cheerleading

A Bittersweet Semester

As I start my senior spring and think about what it is like on a day-to-day basis to be an undergraduate student at William