27th President

You meet Queen Elizabeth II, hear the words of Desmond Tutu not once, but twice, have deep discussions with Sandra Day O’Connor and watch Governor Kaine casually stop by for ice cream. Sometimes as a student here you forget that having these experiences isn’t normal. Today I witnessed yet another monumental and historic event – the confirmation of the College’s 27th president, W. Taylor Reveley, III, by the William & Mary Board of Visitors. As I stood there in the Blue Room of the 313 year-old Wren Building, I thought to myself, “This is history.” So I filed the memory away with countless others – all stored in a mental box marked “Historic Moments and Lessons Learned.” One day I’ll bring my children to the Presidents Gallery on the second floor of Wren. I’ll point to two portraits and then begin telling them the story of my four years at the College of William and Mary.

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