Before and After Joining the Tribe

What should you do while you wait for your decision?! There are so many possibilities to help pass the time as you anxiously await the decision from the admission team. I would suggest coming to visit the campus! Everyone is super nice and the weather is just starting to get warmer, so you could enjoy a wonderful day on campus exploring all of the exciting sights William & Mary has to offer. Maybe you can even head into Colonial Williamsburg and grab yourself a sandwich from The Cheese Shop! You can also start looking up what classes William & Mary has to offer and see what you would be interested in! Look up the new college curriculum we established this year and check out some of the interesting classes a liberal arts education has to offer. Also, pro tip: if you start getting anxious looking at the capacity amounts in courses don’t worry, most professors are very sympathetic to transfers and leave hidden spots for you to be able to get an override!

I chose William & Mary because it’s simply amazing. I remember coming to campus multiple times, being from Richmond, and I went to a few football games prior to even thinking about wanting to transfer here. Once I stepped foot on campus with a friend who already went here, I was amazed at how great the people were. I remember walking around, everyone saying hello to her, and feeling that I was in a very inclusive space. Later that day when my mom and I were walking around, getting lost and looking confused, people did not hesitate to ask us where we needed to go and helped us so much. I also joined the cheerleading team just prior to my arrival on campus as a transfer. These girls helped me get adjusted to the university and were so supportive of the experiences you have as a transfer student!

I felt so lucky to have joined the Tribe during those first few weeks because I felt like I had a family behind me supporting me. “One Tribe One Family” is an everlasting feeling on this campus and you weave into this thread of amazing intelligent people who truly care. I couldn’t have chosen a better home for my last 2 years of college and wish I could do it all over again. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the intern team if you have any hesitations or concerns about making your decision! Good luck, we wish you the best!!

-Grace Covello ’16

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