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Can You Dig It? The Return of the Geologist

By Morgan Sanders ’22 In 2007, I made my first trip to Highland as a curious six-year-old. Now 15 years later, I have returned

A Highland Fling (Part 1)

The new semester at William & Mary is well underway and after this weekend, we’re off and running with the Field Methods in the

Oman’s Geological Triple Point

Qantab is a village at the eastern edge of the Muscat metropolitan area, it’s hemmed in by steep rocky hills, and flanked by a

On the Rocks – A Day at Nottoway Falls

In August, I described a set of cascades that form a major knickpoint on the Nottoway River in the Southside Virginia Piedmont. Last Saturday,

Field Methods 2014: Put Your Hiney in the Piney

When many of my academic colleagues (both at W&M and further afield) learn that I write a blog it is commonly followed by an

Summer Research: Introducing the Wayne WonderMonkeys

As I noted in my last post our summer geologic field research took us to the Beehive State. Our work is primarily focused on