25 Ways You Know It’s the End of the Spring Semester

It’s that time of the year again: the last week of classes, the final push before the warmth and relative freedom of summer. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, here are twenty-five ways you know it’s the end of the Spring Semester:

  1. You begin to feel a weird attachment to your dorm room, even though it’s dingy and in the Units and you’ve absolutely hated it all year.
  2. You’re sick—you have some sort of cold, sinus infection or other respiratory illness courtesy of the Williamsburg pollen.
  3. You feel extremely nostalgic about everything, like the last meeting for that club you didn’t like, or your final AMP Late Nite trivia.
  4. You have a detailed, color-coded Swem schedule that documents how much time, down to the minute, you’ll be spending in Swem during finals week. Also, you have your study schedule organized and taped to the ceiling above your bed.
  5. You’re out of Flex, and you’ve been out of Flex since the beginning of April.
  6. You have at least one group presentation to give this week, and you’re running around trying to figure out what you own that is “business casual” that does not need to be ironed.
  7. Your bank account has been decimated by eight months worth of Wawa runs, and you’re trying to figure out how to buy gifts for all of your graduating friends with the $1.60 that is currently in your wallet.
  8. Your room needs to be cleaned. Because it’s not a successful semester if you don’t have weird stains on your floor and ceiling.
  9. You spend most of your time daydreaming about your amazing summer plans, most of which include working forty hours a week, with the occasional trip to the beach and 1,400 pages of War and Peace to read before Fall Semester.
  10. You’re panicked about finals.
  11. You’re excited about Finals Fun Week at Swem, because the therapy dogs are coming back. Also, Ben and Jerry’s—always Ben and Jerry’s.
  12. You’re regretting that you still haven’t talked to that gorgeous guy/girl in your Religion class.
  13. You can eat three free meals a day with all of the free pizza, bagels, and snacks available at end-of-the-semester meetings.
  14. You’re realizing you owe at least four people money and you should probably pay them back before finals.
  15. You’ve gotten a dozen summer storage flyers in your CSU in the last week.
  16. Qdoba knows your order by heart, because you’ve eaten there at least once a week for the course of the entire semester.
  17. Professors start warning you they don’t want any “shenanigans” on the last day of classes, and you had better be coherent and in class or else.
  18. Your professors cancel your Friday classes because they know there is nothing they can do to prevent shenanigans and general anarchy.
  19. You realize you should not have duct-taped your poster to the wall back in September, because when you try to take it down, you peel off half the paint on your wall.
  20. Your hall bathroom was finally cleaned for the first time all semester.
  21. You’re having a quarter-life crisis, and generally questioning your decisions, your future, and why you didn’t go to the Career Center more during the past year.
  22. You’ve been looking forward to Last Day of Classes since the first day of the semester.
  23. Your senior friends have been eating a lot of wine and cheese recently.
  24. You’re trying to stretch your clean laundry to the end of the semester, but you’ve been wearing the same pair of pants for a week.
  25. You have a restrictive hold on your account from all of the printing charges you’ve accumulated, but have somehow managed to avoid paying because eServices won’t take Visa.
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