Winter graduates in the portrait hall!

Merry Christmas from Richmond! It’s time to reflect upon the semester. My last semester at William and Mary was really busy, but in a good way. I worked in two research labs, was a production assistant for a film class, produced a film about an elementary garden as an independent study, took four classes (global health seminar, health ethics, a tidal marsh ecology seminar, and adventure games—a high ropes course that really made me appreciate being on the ground), and applied to graduate schools in public health. I loved that I was able to take classes that I genuinely enjoyed, contribute to the college by helping with research and assisting in classrooms, conduct my own independent research, and have a lot of help on my graduate school applications from professors, friends, and the Writing Resources Center. I often think about how busy and productive I am, how creative and hardworking every single person at the College is, how overwhelmingly prolific the College as a whole must be! After studying abroad at the University of Adelaide, I’ve come to appreciate William and Mary’s unique collaborative and helpful energy. I feel like I can do anything, and there are always people to help me.

Celebrating the last day of classes on the sunken gardens. Friends from freshman year are friends always 🙂

I think I expected to feel really happy about graduating and really sad about leaving William and Mary, but honestly I don’t feel any differently than I did a month ago. I’ll still be around to visit for at least the next half a year, and I know that if I need help with anything, I can still count on the William and Mary community. In a way, William and Mary will always be with me. I’m excited for the uncharted path in front of me, but I’m not scared! I feel ready for anything and open to everything.

So, what *are* my post-grad plans? I’ve been applying to jobs and interviewing, but since I hope to go to grad school in the fall, I would really like a flexible part-time job so I can also volunteer, spend time with family, run, and read. I signed up for a running team with the YMCA, and I’m planning on volunteering at an urban garden and visiting temples. I’m spending a lot of time at the library, and I’m keeping a journal of all the books that I read. I am looking forward to a relaxing spring, but I am also open to adventures of all kinds!

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